Raks Pf 20 Terra Electric Fan Heater With Cold Air

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    Raks Pf 20 Terra Electric Fan Heater With Cold Air

    Raks Pf 20 Terra electric fan heater is designed to meet your practical and quick heating needs. The mini heater, which spreads the heat evenly, also provides ease of use with its large size on and off buttons.

    Versatile Use Heater

    Raks Pf 20 Terra electric fan heater can reach the desired temperature thanks to 2 different heating settings. At the same time, it can heat the entire environment quickly and efficiently.
    Thanks to the overturn safety function, it turns off automatically when it is overturned. In this way, it ensures a safe use by preventing the occurrence of fire.
    Offering an adjustable thermostat feature, the electric heater reduces energy consumption by 50% when the thermostat is activated.
    The device brings the cooler feature with it. In this way, it offers only the fan start function for cooling in summer.
    Safe and Convenient

    Maximum Power Capacity: 2000 W
    Fan Settings: Cool / warm / hot
    Adjustable Room Thermostat: Yes
    Power Indicator Light: Yes
    Roll-Over Safety System: Yes
    Sturdy and Practical

    Raks Pf 20 Terra electric fan heater, which is produced from durable and high quality materials and provides a long-lasting use, includes the power adapter, user manual and warranty certificate.

    User Friendly Brand: RAKS

    RAKS brand stands out in the production of electronic devices in the field of heating and cooling. RAKS, which is among the preferred brands with its functional, innovative and durable products, also impresses with its stylish design lines.

    Efficient Heating Technology

    Raks Pf 20 Terra electric fan heater becomes a user-friendly product with its ergonomic handle and comfortable heat adjustment buttons. Electric heater that provides efficient heating in cold weather and cooler feature in hot weather. It does not smell or work because it works with electricity. In this way, it offers a clean use and manages to get full marks from the consumer.

    Raks Pf 20 Terra Fan Heater
    2000 Watt
    2 Different Power Heating
    Tipping Safe
    Cold Weather Feature
    Modern Ergonomic Design
    Warranty Period (Month) 24


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